About Me: 25 Years+ of Storytelling Experience

Welcome to my storytelling journey! For the past 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting narratives across various mediums, from local TV ads to high-end film, documentaries, and marketing campaigns. I have proficiency with photography, videography, video editing and podcasting.

My passion for storytelling has taken me on a remarkable arc, allowing me to work on both feature and short films, honing my skills with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer. But I’m Gen-X enough to mention that my first productions were VHS analog (deck-to-deck) LINEAR edting. It’s a whole story: growing up on the precipice between analog and digital.

Local TV Ads and Ad Agency Experience

My storytelling journey began writing local cable TV ads, where I learned the art of captivating audiences in short bursts. Transitioning to the ad agency world, I refined my skills in editing more compelling narratives that resonate with viewers. Every edit was made in the name of helping brands connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

WRITING EXAMPLE: :30 script for Time Warner Cable- Nebraska

High-End Production and “Documentary Style Marketing”

As I’ve delved into high-end productions and documentary-style storytelling, I try to add layers of authenticity on each timeline, exposing organic storytelling nuances. I believe in letting small business experts tell their story in their own best light. Each project has presented a unique opportunity to explore new narratives and connect with diverse audiences, enriching my 360 degree storytelling experience.

Marketing and Brand Storytelling

In the realm of marketing, I’ve had the privilege of shaping brand narratives for regional and national brands. My approach blends creativity with strategic thinking; often writers I’ve worked with adapt my preproduction editing discoveries back into the final script. Business owners and the creative team working together through speaking towards “themes” ensures that each story not only engages but also aligns with the brand’s identity and objectives.

Focus on Nonprofits and Education Sector

While I’ve worked with a variety of clients, my heart lies in storytelling for nonprofits and the education sector. I come from a family of educators and farmers, thus my editorial eye does sway towards the familiar hard works and sacrifices. Humans who have gone through hardship hold a special place in my heart, as they have the power to inspire change, drive societal awareness, and make a empahetic impact on society.

EXAMPLE WRITING: NIFP June 2018 Email Blast

My Promise

As I look back on my 25 years of storytelling, I’m grateful for the opportunities that have shaped me into the storyteller I am today. With every project, my commitment remains the same: to craft stories that resonate, inspire, and make a difference for “our” team.

Example Client: University of Nebraska Foundation – GLOW BIG RED inaugural fundraising event launch.

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Rhett McClure


Nebraska Tourism 2008 Video Podcasts made it to the front page of iTunes.app!

University of Nebraska Foundation: Volleyball Day 2023

GUEST PODCAST: Red Rebel Media Live Town Hall 2021- Guest Rhett McClure

United Way Lincoln and Lancaster County – “Campaign Video 2011”

Norfolk Public Schools – Annie’s 3D-printed Guitar hand

Wally’s Used Cars – “Weird Wally News Flash 2001”

Nebraska Tourism – National TV Campaign shoot in Valentine Nebraska with Governor Dave Heineman.

Example VOICEOVER and nonprofit work with Nebraska Independent Film Projects 501c3.

PODCAST EXAMPLES: Nebraska Folk & Roots Live 2019 (guest Brad Stewart, RIP)

Example Client: DOANE UNIVERSITY – “Forensics Program 2019”

AND FINALLY. Drones are a great storytelling tool. Here’s where I ended up in 2024…



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