Rhett decided to make Lemonade in 2020 by getting his FAA Part 107 license. Since then he has upped his skillset by offering real estate drone photos and videos. Rhett shoots cinematic establishing shots for feature films, documentaries, and website landing pages.

Drone Reel 2023- Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right.
Nebraska Colorado Border

One of the most impressive evolutions of drone technology is 360 degree panorama stills. DJI drones take around 60 seconds to stitch together a 360 photo comprised of eight different angles, inside the camera, ready for upload.

Holmes Lake Panorama

Drone video and stills are great for setting an initial impression of a location. Establishing shots are a great way to start a video or publication with a compelling WOW factor. The sky is wide open for business and Rhett has the license to paint a pretty picture for your story.

VIZZYNESS recent #Drone volunteer coverage for Prescott Area Neighborhood Association. August 2023, Lincoln Nebraska #neighborhoods

Safety first. VIZZYNESS never flies over people. Keep all best practices in mind when photographing public spaces. This event we had a great educational chat with local officers from Lincoln Police.
Drone work on feature documentary: “The Battle of Platte River” Summer 2023.
Drone video for R&O Homepage video header. (No sound)

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